Guided Paris photo tour


Take advantage of a guided city tour of Paris to get some exceptional photos; Better than selfies, we will provide you the service of an experienced and high-quality professional photographer led by our driver guide.

The driver and photographer or cameraman will pick you up at your hotel at the time of your choice. for a successful Paris tour, the time of light is important so we highly recommend avoiding noontime and prefer the beginning, end of the day or night time if you want a Paris by night photos. Sunday will also be the best choice when it's possible!

You will describe your expectations to the photographer and with the help of the guide, they will propose an itinerary before leaving your hotel.

Feel free to let them know the place where you would like to be shot.
Your photographer will also propose to you some special places he knows for amazing pictures.
The purpose is to give you unique photos of your travel to Paris, your wedding, or any special occasion unforgettable.

After your shooting, the professional photographer, will select the best photo, retouch it if needed, and will provide you a numeric copy of all the photos.
You will keep the copyright on all your photos for your own use.