Skiing in France at christmas ?

Our government is studying three slopes for the opening of the ski resorts for Christmas.

The decision will be made "in the next ten days". Will the ski resorts be able to open at Christmas?

According to our information, Matignon is studying the three possible options that he presented this Monday to mountain professionals. The first is the continuation of health closure with compensation for professionals to compensate for the shortfall. The second is a reopening arranged with a click and collect organization and the possibility of having meals on the terraces, or even on the slopes since the restaurants would remain closed. The third, finally, would be a total reopening.

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Our preferred hotel in Chamonix

Our favorite hotel in Chamonix

Treasure of Fashion

The virtuoso men and women behind the scenes of the parades: like the embroiderers and feather workers. Sophie Jovillard sets out to discover the unknown men and women behind the treasures of haute couture, from Chanel to Saint Laurent, passing by Dior, Valentino, Schiaparelli, and Alexandre Vauthier. Each of these designers invented an original universe and his own style, brought his own stone to the history and mythology of fashion. Each one, in his own way, has written a page of this art of clothing with excellence as the only watchword. All have inscribed their names in gold letters in the French cultural and artistic heritage with the help of exceptional artisans still unknown. Documentary by Sophie Jovillard and Anne Gautier (2016)

The documentary is in French but image are so beautiful that I'm sure you can enjoy it even if you don't speak English .


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Vitual Exhibition free during COVID restrictions

France remains one of the few destinations where you can find activities for all passions and profiles. It is probably for this reason that it is the first country visited in the world.
Today and for a long time I hope to end soon, our borders remain closed for a large number of countries. However, there is still a way to travel in France thanks to the mobilization of all cultural actors and the establishment of exhibitions, concerts, ballet, and virtual tours.
To guide you on this journey, we propose to feed our blog regularly with the nuggets that we will have found on the net.

Our today's choice :

Private visit: Exposition "Le corps et l'âme" au Louvre

Turner exhibition at the Jacquemart Andrée Museum


Leonard de Vinci: Virtual Reality experience

Enjoy the visits before we will take care of your next TRUE trip to France .

Paris Notre Dame 1900

Paris de “la Belle Époque” revived by the magic of artificial intelligence

 Welcome to the Paris of the Belle Époque!

No engine noises, no unwanted horns. But some hoofs clattering, a slight hubbub and some ringing of doorbells from time to time. Where elegant hitches go up the avenue des Champs-Élysées while stealth cyclists squint between horse dung – another time, another pollution – where stout passers-by (curious in front of the camera) rush to the World Fair to borrow its famous «treadmill», where boys in sailor’s suits put in the water small sailboats rented for 2 cents (tradition that has not taken a wrinkle), where passers-by stroll through Place de la Concorde…

With a bluffing natural, these images restore the carefree atmosphere of the capital, between 1896 and 1900. A past resurrected thanks to the pioneering recordings of the company of the Lumière brothers, combined with the contemporary wonders of artificial intelligence.

Denis Shiryaev, developer and passionate youtubeur, used software (Topaz Gigapixel AI) that recreates missing pixels of low definition images to improve sharpness. To do this, the algorithm learns what details are usually lost, comparing thousands of pairs of photographs.

Another step that has made these scenes so familiar is the change from 12 frames per second to 60, thanks to a software called DAIN, which generates additional planes. To perfect the illusion, the whole was colorized, by algorithm there too. 

Originally silent, the films are synchronized with a completely recreated soundtrack. But this time, we owe it to a human intelligence: that of Guy Jones, specialized in amateur restoration of ancient films.

Slow tourism in Normandy

The Beaches of Normandy are tragically known for the D day 

where mainly the American, Canadian, and Britannic troops landed for our safety and liberty. It's crucial not to forget, especially at this time, when a lot of people in the world think that authoritarianism is better than democracy! 

We, of course, can do this pilgrim in one-day trips from Paris. It's a pity as we have no time to see the beauty of Normandy that has been painted by so many renowned painter. The light changing during the day is something that always inspired them. To view it, we need more than one day and need to have the time to observe. 

I fully understand that we sometimes have only a few days, but perhaps we can consider not running and choosing to visit only Normandy and take time to discover it fully, without stress and long road ! 

As the most famous impressionist painter  born in Normandy is Monet; We can follow his path. 

Giverny Monet's house

First, we can visit Giverny and their famous gardens. It's only one hour from Paris . After the visit, we can drive to Rouen, with his incredibly Catedral, wich inspired Monet 30 canvases but also because of his middle age history; Joan of Arc was burnt there.


After Rouen, direction Honfleur, with its old port surrounded by houses of the 17th and 18th centuries. The famous church Sainte Catherine declared a historical monument in 1879; it has attracted the attention of many archaeologists and historians due to its atypical appearance. It is indeed the largest wooden church in France with a separate bell tower.

Lights are so characteristic that it inspired generations of painters from the beginning of the 19th century, including Turner, Corot, Daubigny, Boudin. Monet made many stays there. Keen on Music will visit the Erik Satie house. He used to say 'painter taught me better music than musicians."

Gourmet, won't miss the camembert, will drink cider and eat seafood! 

Continue our journey in Le Havre and the Etretat Falaise. The painting Impression, Sunrise was painted in Le Havre. The port Monet knew and where he was born doesn't exist anymore ;




Razed in 1944, Le Havre was rebuilt by Auguste Perret, the Master of Le Corbusier. The city is declared a Unesco world heritage site. 

The white chalk cliffs and pebble beaches of Etretat is a spectacle not to be missed.

Let Le Havre behind us and following the Coast Fleurie to arrive in Deauville/ Trouville; also one of the places often paint by impressionist, Deauville was the belle epoque trendy place and internationally known for the American film festival 


End your journey by a stop in Caen. An exhibit of impressionism the ardent city: three sections (landscape, people, social history) emphasize the attention paid by open-air painters to the economic, political, and social transformations of their era, from memories of the events of the Paris Commune to the eve of the First World War.

Not leave Normandy, if you don't have been before by visiting the Memorial of Caen about D day beaches Landed and the American visitors center of The American Colleville cemetery.

Hotels we recommend


ROUEN . Hôtel de Bourgthéroulde 5 * A 15th-century buildings in the historic center of Rouen with its 700M² spa and indoor swimming pool. (hotel managed by the group Mariott! )

HONFLEUR / Hotel Relais & chateaux 5*  la Ferme Saint Siméon Restaurant and SPA

Deauville : Hotel Barriere Le normandy 5 * 




Eiffel Tower tickets

Eiffel tower is one of the most visited places in Paris. The challenge is always to get 2nd or 3rd-floor tickets without queuing.

The cheapest way is to get lift tickets from Eiffel Tower company, but you need to be in front of your computer three months in advance.

If you are in that case, you can follow this link

The second way is to book your tickets from resellers. In that case, be careful, some companies don't hesitate to sell you a guide to get up by steps! You can do it freely.

Better to choose tickets for lift with a guide. You 'll find some selection available by clicking this link: click here

For a full experience, especially for your first time in Paris, I would recommend using one of our driver-guide to discover the city and make a stop at the Eiffel tower.

We will take care of finding the Eiffel tower tickets, would possibly add a 1-hour seine cruise with a glass of champagne; To book Paris city tour with one-hour seine cruise with a glass of Champagne: click here

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2 May 2017


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The re-opening of the gardens at Château de Chambord

There can be little doubt of the Château de Chambord’s magnificence. A jewel in the Loire Valley’s crown, the castle has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1981 and welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. While the castle’s popularity is well deserved the recently restored gardens are proving an attraction in their own right. Lovingly tended to following 14 years’ of research and renovation, the gardens reopened in March 2017 to great aplomb.


Château de Chambord has an important place in French heritage, and its newly restored gardens play an integral role in the visitors’ experience. Officially opened by President Hollande, they’re a must-see – whether you consider yourself green-fingered or not. The gardens, which are styled to imitate the jardins a la francaise that were popular during the 17th century, boast geometric patterns, lush greenery and more than 600 trees, 800 shrubs and 15,250 border plants. The château is restored to its former, royal glory.


If you have ever wondered what it might be like to live like French royalty then we recommend a trip to Chambord. Our private Loire Valley castle tour will introduce you to the palatial residences of Château Amboise, Château Chenonceau and, finally, Château de Chambord. You will have the opportunity to gaze in wonder at the buildings’ architecture, sample the grounds including the famed gardens at Chambord and enjoy a variety of events. Wine tasting, fine dining and horse shows are all part of the attraction. Tours such as this are perfect for those interested in history, and families hoping to inspire the younger generations with a glimpse at France’s royal past. We cannot wait to introduce you to these stunning castles, and explain a few of their stories.


Should you find yourself with just a single day to explore, and enjoy the French countryside make sure you take our tour through the gorgeous Loire Valley in all its regal splendor.

Burgundy wine and music


The region of Burgundy is one of France’s most beloved territories. Famed for its creative arts, glorious countryside, striking architecture and, of course, wine – Burgundy is a natural choice of vacation destination for those searching to embrace the country’s most luxurious experiences.

A Burgundy wine tour is your opportunity to sample some of Europe’s finest wines, and discover the reason that the region is so beloved by connoisseurs from all walks of life. Its musical heritage, meanwhile, will introduce you to the masters. The region played an important role during the Renaissance era, giving birth to much of the music that we love to enjoy, even now.

The Beaune International Baroque Music Festival is now in its 36th year, and has amassed a well-deserved reputation as being one of the world’s pioneering Baroque Opera events. This year’s festival features nine operas and oratorios, and three recitals, with music by Handel, Mozart, Rossini, Vivaldi, Charpentier and Haydn. Hosted by the magnificent Hospices de Beaune and the Basilique Notre-Dame in the centre of town, this stunning festival should not be missed by any admirer of opera, classical music or culture.

We are excited to be able to offer guests an unforgettable festival experience, which will enable them to explore the very best of Burgundy’s music and wine. Spread across three days the tour encompasses fine dining and excellent accommodation, as well as a wine tasting lunch and tour at the Vosne Romanee Vineyard. The weekend’s piece de resistance, though, is a performance of an opera or oratorio concert at the Hospices de Beaune, depending upon the weekend that you’re traveling. You haven’t experienced music until you have enjoyed an opera in Burgundy.

Our tours are limited to small groups of just eight people, which will enable you to enjoy Burgundy and its wine and musical offerings to their full potential.


Paris St Denis Festival Each year in June , the Basilic of St Denis,the Royal Necropolis and masterpiece of Gothic Art , welcome a festival of classical music with the most important French orchestra and Ensemble. This year , you can listen to American Storie from Bernstein , Mass Ut minor mozart, the german requiem from Brahms , Requiem Verdi, Vepres monteverdi . Some great voice as Peter Mattei, Patricia Scioffi, Christine Schâffer, Sonya Yoncheva, Musicians as Gauthier Capucon, Chef as Myung-Whun Chung , Jordi Savall, Diego Matheuz and younf lauréats as Maxime Pascal. more information

Festival international Aix en Provence The Festival international d’art lyrique is an annual international music festival which takes place every summer in Aix-en-Provence, principally in the July .In 2015, the festival will perform ALCINA of Haendel, DIE ENTFÃœHRUNG AUS DEM SERAIL of Mozart, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM of Benjamin Britten , IOLANTA f Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and PERSEPHONE of Stravinski, SVADBA of Sokolovic, THE MONSTER IN THE MAZE jonathan Dove.

Festival Orange The Roman Theatre of Orange, one of the most beautiful monuments in France, is testimony to the Roman tome. It is the only building of its kind which still has its acoustic stage wall, whose size is quite impressive: 103 meters long, 37 meters high, 1.80 meters thick . The Chorégies d’Orange festival dates from 1860 and is the oldest music festival in France. Over the years, the Chorégies have retained all of their freshness and originality, due in part to the name, which comes from the Greek “choreos”, linking them to the Grecian-Latin tradition, to the magnificent site where they take place: the perfectly preserved Roman Theatre, which can hold 9,000 spectators, and which still has its stage wall, the guarantee of exceptional acoustics, and to their vocation, which is lyrical and musical performances, placing them among the very best French festivals and certainly one with an indisputable international reputation . this year , Lyric & symphonic concert, Carmen biset, Il trovatore Verdi . more information

Chambord Castle

Christmas in Chambord – One of the most beautiful castle in loire Valley

There’s a double reason to visit Chambord this year. First one,  Chambord has renovated his garden and reproduce the garden following the project of the sun king in the 17th century.
The second is to enjoy the Christmas entertainment ; The 16 and 17 December and from 23 December through 7 January:
Artistic fencing, ancient music, nature activities, choral groups, strolling costumed characters, fireside fairy tales, encounters with Santa Claus and numerous additional surprises…

We can organize this tour by tailoring our private Castle valley tour:  more information