Royal Opera of Versailles-Baroque Music

Royal opera Versailles

Versailles opera

Dreamed and planned by Louis XIV, the magnificent Royal Opera of Versailles was finally built by Louis XV and inaugurated for the marriage of the dauphin and the archduchess Marie-Antoinette. First baroque opera was Persée by Quinault and Lully.

Paris offers so many cultural events that are often hard to choose from. But it would be a pity to come to Paris and not take advantage of discovering french baroque music where Marie-Antoinette's wedding took place.
Compare to Opera Garnier or Bastille Opera, the intimacy of the place let you feel very near to some artists like Sabine Devieilhe, our young and famous coloratura soprano, and directors like Raphaël Pichon, Marc Minkowski, Spinosi. 

A good place to discover French compositors like Lully, Charpentier, and Couperin.

Revive history; for the first time in three centuries, a day of the music was created at the time of Louis XIV by his composers. From morning to night, after the royal celebrations, each key moment in the day of the greatest king in the world will be revived in music.

Follow Louis the magnificent in the excessiveness of his royal music, for two exceptional days!  (Sunday 8 and 9/07 ) Dress elegantly and wear comfortable shoes. more information by email

find all the details and calendar by following this link: opera royal music calendar

royal opera versailles

Royal opera Versailles

To book for the season, we propose you a Package including, a transfer round trip to Versailles, tickets including a glass of Champagne.