Treasure of Fashion

The virtuoso men and women behind the scenes of the parades: like the embroiderers and feather workers. Sophie Jovillard sets out to discover the unknown men and women behind the treasures of haute couture, from Chanel to Saint Laurent, passing by Dior, Valentino, Schiaparelli, and Alexandre Vauthier. Each of these designers invented an original universe and his own style, brought his own stone to the history and mythology of fashion. Each one, in his own way, has written a page of this art of clothing with excellence as the only watchword. All have inscribed their names in gold letters in the French cultural and artistic heritage with the help of exceptional artisans still unknown. Documentary by Sophie Jovillard and Anne Gautier (2016)

The documentary is in French but image are so beautiful that I'm sure you can enjoy it even if you don't speak English .


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