The re-opening of the gardens at Château de Chambord

There can be little doubt of the Château de Chambord’s magnificence. A jewel in the Loire Valley’s crown, the castle has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1981 and welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. While the castle’s popularity is well deserved the recently restored gardens are proving an attraction in their own right. Lovingly tended to following 14 years’ of research and renovation, the gardens reopened in March 2017 to great aplomb.


Château de Chambord has an important place in French heritage, and its newly restored gardens play an integral role in the visitors’ experience. Officially opened by President Hollande, they’re a must-see – whether you consider yourself green-fingered or not. The gardens, which are styled to imitate the jardins a la francaise that were popular during the 17th century, boast geometric patterns, lush greenery and more than 600 trees, 800 shrubs and 15,250 border plants. The château is restored to its former, royal glory.


If you have ever wondered what it might be like to live like French royalty then we recommend a trip to Chambord. Our private Loire Valley castle tour will introduce you to the palatial residences of Château Amboise, Château Chenonceau and, finally, Château de Chambord. You will have the opportunity to gaze in wonder at the buildings’ architecture, sample the grounds including the famed gardens at Chambord and enjoy a variety of events. Wine tasting, fine dining and horse shows are all part of the attraction. Tours such as this are perfect for those interested in history, and families hoping to inspire the younger generations with a glimpse at France’s royal past. We cannot wait to introduce you to these stunning castles, and explain a few of their stories.


Should you find yourself with just a single day to explore, and enjoy the French countryside make sure you take our tour through the gorgeous Loire Valley in all its regal splendor.

Chambord Castle

Christmas in Chambord – One of the most beautiful castle in loire Valley

There’s a double reason to visit Chambord this year. First one,  Chambord has renovated his garden and reproduce the garden following the project of the sun king in the 17th century.
The second is to enjoy the Christmas entertainment ; The 16 and 17 December and from 23 December through 7 January:
Artistic fencing, ancient music, nature activities, choral groups, strolling costumed characters, fireside fairy tales, encounters with Santa Claus and numerous additional surprises…

We can organize this tour by tailoring our private Castle valley tour:  more information